Friday, May 22, 2009


Ok i know it's been quite some time since i posted a new entry. Working life dulls my other parts of life.. ><

Been 2 weeks in Canon Opto (Canon lens making factory).

Cut to the chase, so this was the enlightment i had. So enlighting was it i had multiple mental orgasms.

I'm sure u guys know wat are ball bearings kan? Apparently, some of the machines in Canon Opto, where it involves using ball bearings, uses air bearings instead! so instead of tiny little metalic balls, it just use air.

First time i heard it i was like WTF.. How is it possible. Then he took me to the machine, which ngam ngam that time was under going maintenance (another dude was opening the air bearing system).

The shaft is about 5-6 kg, which is heavy la. When it is inserted into the cylinder (with air bearing system), it just feels damn light. Just pushing it slightly will move it ady.

I took some pic and video, let's see if i rajin enough to upload it la.

The theory is as such:
The cylinder has many many tiny holes, of which compressed air comes out of it, thus providing an air cushion. When the maintenance guy sprayed cleaning chemicals to clean it, can see got bubbles forming (rapidly also).

The question(s) is:
1. U know, if air is rushing through a small gap, it makes alot of noise right? But this one tarak sound wan.

2. If the air cushion is able to sustain the weight of the shaft, the pressure must be high right? But when shaft is inserted, u don't feel the air rushing out of the gap wan.

3. This is the best thing. Canon Opto Malaysia started operation during 1989. This technology was already available that time.
Like walaowe.... Those Japanese punya technology so damn advanced man... But apparently for air bearing, only Canon has the prototype. It's not found in other place.

Or if u've seen/known about it, tell me wat u know eh.. :)


BabySiiaOzz said...

duno anything bout them but sounds very interesting.. post the pics la =(