Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wa seh

This my second week back in uni (YAY!), and i ady felt my lifestyle is soooo unhealthy here.
In fact, there's one day i practically went on without food. Haha. I skipped dinner on one evening, then the next day didn't have breakfast. Busying wit HEP stuffs till noon, when i go out to buy some stuffs, bumped into friend and asked me to go CC to join DotA. Haha.

So on the way there grab a bun. Makan.

DotA for 2 games, finished at around 3pm. Then after that continue wit HEP stuffs.

Went jogging during evening (cos no football, all courts were occupied for trainings).

Skipped dinner again :)

It wasn't till when i passed my cooking stuffs to Mel (she wanna cook :s), that i realised i GOTTA eat something.

So, my first meal after the whole ordeal was at 11pm. Haha..

I dunno if it's stress or just plain lazy, but almost everynight i skipped dinner, cos malas wanna go out and petrol mahal :x
So yeah, in 2 weeks time i put off 2 kgs jor. Yay! :)

It could be stress though, cos the Debate Club is having 2 major events soon and I'm doing the plannings and admin stuffs. Of cos, i worry more of whether the event will be successful or not.

Better news is, crap i'm falling sick again. :x
Ah, nothing new la, so the next cycle of disease falls upon me like last sem; i get sick every 2 weeks minimum. XD



Esther said...

so i wanna lose 5 kgs, then mar have to skip 5 weeks of dinner!! tak boleh, tak boleh!

Wai Loon Kwan said...


myky, if i'm not wrong, what you lost is not totally all the fats... fats maybe lost abit only... try going back to your previous lifestyle... i bet the 2 kg will return.... wakakaka....