Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I read this in the Latihan Industri website of my fac.

The students (Malaysian) are encouraged to do the internship program abroad. All expenses (with specific rates) including airfare ticket will be paid by the faculty. For those who are interested to undergo the internship program abroad, please contact the Chairman of Industrial Training FKE.

Now only u tell me, when i'm supposed to register the damn thing by next week??!!


Monday, March 30, 2009

when i applauded our Pulis Force.
Good job!

Remember few posts back? i posted a YouTube entry on a house robbery by rempits?


YouTube attack: Cops act

FAST and furious. That was the reaction of the police barely 24 hours after Malay Mail hit the streets
on Friday with the frontpage report on the brazen assault on a couple’s house in Taman Maluri, Cheras, on March 16.

The cops are looking into the possibility that the 11 Mat Rempit they arrested early Saturday morning
could have been involved in that attack.

Police swooped in on Saturday and hauled up the 11 Mat Rempit in two separate locations in Cheras.

The bikers were arrested mainly on suspicion of being involved in several cases of gang-robbery and
snatch thefts around the Cheras district.

Police zeroed in on nine of the suspects while they were hanging around outside a house in Taman
Dahlia, Cheras. The two other suspects were arrested elsewhere in Cheras.

Cheras district police chief ACP Ahmad Amer Mohd Hashim said the arrests came after a tipoff
from the public. The suspects had been under police surveillance for the past one week.

“Those detained were aged between 17 and 18. They were arrested on suspicion of being involved
in robberies and snatch thefts,” he said.

The suspects were mostly secondary school students and school leavers. Five of them also tested positive for cannabis and the drug “ice”.

“We believe that the gang became active about a month ago. They are opportunists who preyed on those walking home alone or had stopped by the roadside.”

With the arrests, police believe they have solved at least five robbery and snatch theft cases in and
around Cheras. “Police also seized several items like cheques, credit cards and handphones, believed to have been stolen.”

Asked if the suspects were also involved in the daring robbery at Taman Maluri on March 16, Ahmad Amer said police were still piecing it together. He added that investigators were analysing the 78 terrifying seconds of footage captured in horrifying detail by the couple’s CCTV camera.

The suspects are being remanded for seven days at the Cheras district police headquarters.

In the attack that day, six men, clad in black, rode in on three motorcycles and stormed the house belonging to 37-year-old clerk Candy Teoh. She had just pulled into the porch after doing her
grocery shopping when her husband’s friend, Alvin Chua, 39, pulled up outside the house in his Nissan Cefiro.

Chua had dropped by to see his friend, and Teoh’s husband, Lim Gim Leong, who was not at home at
the time. Just as Chua pulled up, the six men stopped alongside him. One of them got off the bike
and began running toward him. He was armed with a machete. Chua ran for the safety of the house but it was too late.

The armed Mat Rempit cornered the frightened occupants and relieved them of cash and valuables as his accomplices secured the perimeter. A minute later, they were gone. The clip has been posted on the video-sharing website YouTube.

Sos cili anda

Rare moments when u can actually feel proud of the Pulis. I kow-tow to them.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's way too early.. But u guys might need some time so save up. So... :p

Anyone who gives me this as present will immediately become my best friend... hahaha

Price is 18,900 yen. Convert to RM? Around RM700....


Nah... no way la i'm gonna get this as birthday present. But i'm pretty sure i'll be crying if i'm to receive this.

As much as i wanna buy this when i have my own money next time, May will give me silent treatment for 1 whole month if she found out i spent RM700 on plastics instead of spending it on her

PG Red Frame. It's poisonous.....

Earth Hour

So how was it? Bah... i'm not interested to debate how it's gonna save the world from global warming. I'm sick and tired of answering those retards ady.. :x


I dunno lol.. not sure if my roommate switched off the lights or not.

But i went on a date. Hahaha. Went to Lei Mooi's dance performance. Yeah!
too bad no photos are allowed, so no pictah feed for u guys :( :(

Anyway.... JB damn sien wan at night. We went after the show, at around 10, to look for food. Knn, nothing wan.. all close shop. WTF...

Next year, i shall promote Earth Hour = Make Love hour. YEAH!!!

Those without partners can go fap fap fap. Lol

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Read on, it's worth the read yo!! From a thread/true story in LYN

If lazy read, just go down to the end to read my summary

I love this gal very much, no matter what she done or betray me, I still maintain my love on her.
2007, She done a very cruel thing on me which is dating and love others while she is my GF. That period, I was having final exam in TARC, she tell me the truth and breakup..she having tis guy for 3 months already and somemore having S*X . I was felt very sad...how could she done this kind of thing to me. After a few months, she was breakup with the guy, and told me...she done the wrong decision, and want me back...I was accept her back...coz I still love her.

In our relationship, ya, maybe I'm too young, curious on S*X, I felt very unfair that she able to S*X with that guy that she known for few months, but she and me was 1 years ++ relationship. Everytime I request for it, she will rejected say she wan to wait until marry. But why she able to do with that guy?

2008, I was trying to appeal what should I have it, in 2 years relationship, she didn't payout anything and I don't mind coz love can't be measure with payouts. In 2 years, i was studying in TARC, I have my own tutorial paper , my coursework, my assignment, and my exam. In the same time, I was doing her tutorial paper, her coursework, and her assignment (tasks). She? Wait at house do housework, and wait me done her tasks. I nvr minded to do her courseworks , assignment etc.. If i rejected to do it, she will say me irresponsible to be a BF... so i nvr rejected at all....

In 2008, i was start working ....coz i unable to continue study , i find a job tat able to gain some money, i failed 6 subjects in my diploma in a/c, coz of her, i have a lot of burden of her tasks and my own tasks. After i found a job and work, i still have to resit my paper , in the same time oso have to do her tasks....There is a day that I can't stand for it...while I working...I've work burden, own study burden, her tasks burden...everything i'm not doing well in her tasks she will angry and close my phone....I feel very sad...and I can't save any cents to support her in financial problem...
So I made a cruel decided on myself...is to breakup. I try to work hard and earn more money...

After few months , around 6 months. I found that she knew another guy tat already married. I was shocked she get together with the guy married...She told me that she just loving tat guy and having dinner with that guy only...But since last nite 27/3/09, she told me tat she already having S*X with tat guy. In my mind, I feel very disappointed that why she bluffing on me.. I nvr bluff her b4 even we already breakup, I respect her and I nvr breach all my promises on her. She told every1 her frens that , I breaking up with her coz of S*X, I feel very sad too and I bear the sins...I also felt very sad, why she played my love on her, while I together with her, i request, she reject, but others guy request, she automatically accepted and do....

Few days , I was having my birthday, She keep asking me to help her on this on that...i think continue few days oso asking me to help, i nvr say no and immediately drive to her house to help her pass something to everywhere. After that few days. She was not contact with me anymore, until yesterday she call me that she and tat guy was having discussion at her house. Her family very angry and want to use knife to chop tat guy...

Now I'm trying to end up all the feel towards on her.....what i done she nvr appreciate...wat i sacrificed she nvr appreciate...Today I'll try to give up any hope from her.

TQ for those LYN forumer view my thread and try to flame me as well since I already give up. smile.gif

Note: I already borrow her RM1.7k which is my savings that I just worked for a year...
Tonight I'll pass all the thing she wan me to do, let her do her ownself...I won't "soft hearted" anymore.

1st updated:

I'm trying...today made decision ...after heard the story from her yesterday, i told her yesterday that

Me: U know u trying to let me know ur story, U know I love u , u tell me such thing.. do u care about what i felt? Do u know it was very painful and cruel on me?I know what u wan me to do, I won't entangling on u anymore...
She: No, I'm not intention to cruel on u...I treating u as my Good Fren..

(sudden brainstorm in my mind...Good fren? Even birthday no greet anything? Even I help u many thing, there's no any thanks you from ur mouth? Am i owe u?)

2nd updated:

Juz called to her and told her later i finished my job on 5pm , i will try to drive to her house and pass all the thing she wan me to do to her. *in the moment, she was silent about 5 secs* smile.gif

3rd Updated:

nod.gif i will do so, later i finished my work, i'll chat phone and told her everything.

I plan to talk:

Me: All the thing , i given to u, i think u know how to settle ur thing as well.
Me: I hope tat u won't give excuse to ur fren tat i'm leaving coz u cant give me S*X, b4 u say such thing, pls judge urself, I request b4 i do S*X coz i respect, but yesterday i asked u why u do S*X with tat guy, u say coz of love can't be control. OK! So, hope u won't say tat S*X is an excuse between us. U r the person unable to make decision properly. N then, u very easy to find another guy tat able to help u, since u very easy to give S*X through love, soon u've the guy that help u like me, but i don't know it will last longer or not. Sorry to say that, i'm not say u cheap, if i wan to say u cheap, the 1st time u left me coz of another guy, i already say u r very cheap. But i didn't do so, coz i dun mind my beloved background, even non-virgin i oso won't care, i kept all my promises until now, i nvr told any1 tat u and me known, tis is my role. As i said I love u forever, i oso kept my promises even we breakup. But then, u're no longer appreciate it.. It was fully damaging my heart and my life, so i decide to put it down, u've ur own life, i've my own life.

4th Updated:

I request for every time i wanted , tis is how i respecting my beloved. But why i known ...most of the gal prefer without asking..... Is it a failure wat i done that i request for it b4 wanted? I just want her to feel secured with me, even i want such thing, i oso have to respect her and ask...


Guy A with girl B. Guy A do everything for B, include do her homework/assignment, pay for everything. B says no sex till after marriage

Girl B had a fling, even had sex with another dude. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

A felt hurt, but B ask for forgiveness. A accept her back.
B still won't let A fuck her (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

B failed in his studies cos had to do too much of work. (so hai...)
B lent money to A.......

bla bla bla.. some other things.



Friday, March 27, 2009

How the hell he did those light effects... I never know..

Thanks to StarGhazzer for the link


Ricky: Front View YEEAAAAAAAHH!!!

Ricky :Side view SWWOOOOOOOOOSSH!!
Ricky: Post tits or GTFO

Dom: Double the bazooka, Double teh POWAAHH!!
Ricky: What's this.... new power... that i possessed....?

Ricky: ZOMFG!! QUADRAPLE D|CK ATTACK!!! 9999999 damage wtf

Dom: Beam Baz!! WWEEEEEEEE
Ricky: Suck this!!

Dom: @$#$^%^$& How do u work this shietz..?!
Ricky: ZzZzZzZz

Dom: Y'all don't understand
Ricky: Make me put my hands in the ayer, ayer, ayer
Gay powaaahh!!


My own version of Jet Stream Attack.. Hiyeah!!


Sorry ar, but u guys will gotta click on the images to read. But trust me, it'll worth your time.

Has lols been had?


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Makes u wanna move out of Malaysia.


Orang cam ni lah yg memalukan kaum Melayu.
*vroom vroom*

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Got more pics wan... But line's like damn slow la. And the uploading process so ma fan some more :x

Next time only upload all la

Friday, March 20, 2009


changed address to hai-lat.blogspot.com

i'd prefer hai-lat.com.my, but will have to pay for domain. Tak mau la.

hai-lat is so so so much easier to type than shortdfhgjfdhjfjkb


hmm.. i feel like changing my blog address.

shortcircuitedmind.. dammit till now i always, ALWAYS have problem typing it smoothly in one go successfully.

change to...



Thursday, March 19, 2009

Was messing with EV's brains last night on msn.. lol. Bet she'll never look at glass the same way again. Anyway, she said the comics are funny. Lol, so i'ma post more. Sepam a bit if u like it :p

Click on this image to read this one

Reposta but, still funny as shit:

USA Prez, one of the burden is to take up all the jokes in the internet about you. Obama does not escape this either:

If u think the comic are racist, offensive and all:

Lol'd? Fukken Lol'd? or offended? post some comment to motivate me further